Friday, February 28, 2014

A Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood!

Won't you be my neighbor...
I just love singing that old song. It reminds me of sitting in the back yard of my Granny's life long friends in Illinois, Iva and Rolla. They had a big back yard in Mackinaw with no fence and full of sweet places to sit. The kind of yard where you could go out and sit in for hours after a long days work. I remember sitting out there many times listening to them talk, Rolla smoking his pipe and Iva and Granny embroidering. I listened to every word as a 6 year old. (waiting I'm sure for the words "Why don't we all go down to A&W?")

I know... nothing to do with Belle Aimee's just a trip down memory lane, when it seems, times were so much more simple...

Now, for what's new at Belle Aimee's Textiliers

Freshly Re-upholstered Wing Back with Linen/Cotton Blend Slipcover
100% Washable

Cottage Slipcovered Wing Back back tie and little ruffled seams 
and new overstuffed super soft seat cushion...

Lavender Buds and Lavender Sachets 

Lavender in Embroidered Linen Sachets...oh so sweet

Sweet Sweet Double Peacock Vintage Chenille Twin Bedspread

Until Next Time - Keep The Faith!


  1. I love your style! You are the best at slipcovers - absolutely amazing.

  2. Do you do custom slipcovers? How would I contact you to do some work? Thanks!

  3. Yes, I do custom slips.
    Please ring me @ 817.301.8192