Thursday, October 6, 2016

12 oz. White Canvas & Brushed Denim Slip Deliveries...

I recently delivered this 12 Oz Canvas slip on this 6 cushion sofa. 
This is the second slip I made for this client.

This is the first we did a couple of years ago in 100% Linen with a back detail.
Same sofa, different looks and different details! 
Back "Shoe String" detail.

This is a plush Brushed Denim we sell and is just a great fabric. I tell everyone with the way I make my slips and the comfort and durability of this fabric, these slips will most likely outlive all of us!

Unitl Next Time - Keep The Faith!


  1. I like how the slips you’ve made are basic but the little detailing on the back adds a great look to them. The denim slip looks nice too.

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