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In 1892 4 year old Ellen Nilsson (changed to Nelson at Ellis Island) made her way across the waters to her new home in America. The little Swedish girl, her mother, father, grandmother, and two twin uncles came, like so many others, to find a new life in the United States. Having a very fine letter of recommendation from their church in Sweden, they settled near their new church in Bloomington Illinois.

It is not exactly clear why they chose Bloomington, however it is possible that their new church was one of the few churches in Illinois that could translate the letter of recommendation from Swedish to English. Ellen Nilsson was my great grandmother.

We believe that great grandma was part of the Aimee family in Sweden. Perhaps it was her grandmother whose maiden name was Aimee. The Aimee family was well known throughout Sweden for their beautiful textiles.

In 1912 my grandmother was born and two years later her sister was born. In 1929 my mother was born. Both my mother and my great aunt share the name "Belle;" my mom, DonnaBelle, and my great aunt, IsaBelle.

I have, for as long as I can remember, loved textiles. As a child I loved going into homes where doilies and all types of hand work were plentiful. I can remember tracing every flower, every fawn and every water well with my finger and trying to figure out how it was made.

I love anything cotton, linen or flax and anything with flowers. I absolutely adore old laces, velvets, and well, all soft goods I expect. Some of my most treasured possessions are the lace curtains from great grandma’s bedroom, and the many hand crocheted kitchen towels and pillow cases my granny made.

I believe working with my hands and my love for textiles have been passed down to me from the generations who came before me. I am convinced that combining my love for textiles with the gifts and talents God has given me is what has lead to where I am today… Slipcovers by Belle Aimee truly is...the work of my hands for you!

You might even say…it’s in my blood.

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